Getting a tattoo over stretch marks isn't as simple as it sounds, but there are a variety of reasons why people opt to get their stretch marks tattooed.

It's usually because the person wants to hide the stretch marks, or it's because the stretch marks are in an area of the body where the person has always wanted to have a tattoo.

Whatever your present situation, it helps to understand how stretch marks affect the tattoo process. Here are a few things you should keep in mind if you want to tattoo over stretch marks.

Can You Tattoo Over Stretch Marks?

It is possible to get a tattoo over stretch marks, but the most important thing to remember is that tattooing over stretch marks is a highly individualized process.

Skin, including stretch marks, is completely unique, and a variety of circumstances influence whether or not you get a tattoo to cover up stretch marks.

It's crucial to assess the stretch marks, their placement, and whether or not a tattoo artist can work with such skin.

If you wish to hide stretch marks, for example, the tattooist will need to create an effective way to achieve the desired result. They must also create a successful design and guarantee that the stretch marks disappear without causing skin injury.

Is It Safe To Tattoo Over Stretch Marks?

Simply stated, yes, it is safe to tattoo over stretch marks. It is important to know that your skin may be more sensitive in and around the area of your stretch marks.

Remember, stretch marks are essentially scars on the skin. So, the skin is usually thinner and sometimes more sensitive.

tattoo artist over stretch mark

To decide whether it is appropriate to tattoo over stretch marks, you should first have a discussion with your tattoo artists. This conversation will allow you to determine if and how they will tattoo your stretch marks and what to expect at the end of the process.

Is Tattooing Over Stretch Marks More Painful?

Getting a tattoo on a completely healed stretch mark (when the coloring fades) will not be any more painful than getting a tattoo on an unhealed stretch mark. Even if the stretch mark is noticeable, the skin is no longer considered affected in the same way that a cut or wound is.

On the other hand, because a fresh stretch mark is elevated and the body is striving to cure it, you should avoid having a tattoo on it. You will not only damage your body's natural healing process, but the elevated lines will also make your skin more sensitive.

Getting a tattoo on a new stretch mark will hurt worse, and the itching will be much worse as the tattoo heals.

tattoo over stretch mark itching

4 Factors To Consider When Getting Tattooed Over A Stretch Mark

There are various unique factors that determine whether you should tattoo over your stretch marks. Understanding the state of your stretch marks is essential to determining whether you should try to tattoo over them. Here is what you need to consider.

1. Color

Stretch marks that are red, reddish-brown, or purple are not suitable for tattoos. Stretch marks with any of these colors indicate that they are brand new. Your tattoo artist will have a tougher time blending your stretch marks into your intended tattoo because of these colorations and textures.

Fortunately, the coloration of stretch marks will fade over time and blend along with your skin tone. Stretch marks should disappear to the point that you can have a tattoo in at least one year.

2. Location

Is there an area of your body that is more likely to develop stretch marks? If you answered yes, you should avoid having a tattoo in that location. This is because fresh stretch marks in that location, for whatever reason, are likely to cause harm to tattoos.

tattoo on abdomen

Stretch marks can appear more frequently in certain areas of your body than others as a result of changes like losing or gaining weight. Stretch marks are more common in fat-storing areas, which include the upper arms, abdomen, thighs, hips, and glutes.

3. Size

Larger stretch marks, on the other hand, will be more difficult to conceal.

Stretch marks that are wider and longer may require larger tattoos to adequately conceal them, which will take more time and money. Either that, or you'll have to accept that some stretch marks will be visible at the tattoo's perimeter.

4. Experience

It is no secret that you want to trust your tattoo with an artist that is experienced. Did you know that some tattooists specialize in tattooing stretch marks?

You aren't out of luck just yet if you can't locate any specialists while searching on the internet. Ask around at several tattoo studios in your area. There's a good chance that a tattoo artist has dealt with stretch marks before.

experienced tattoo artist

Don't Get A Stretch Mark/Scar Tattooed If…

There are certain situations and factors that should be considered when getting a tattoo to cover your stretch marks. Unfortunately, there are some things that you need to look out for as they may be a sign that you should not get a tattoo to cover an area on your skin that has stretch marks.

- Red, Purple, or Brown Scars

If your stretch marks appear to be a red, purple, or brownish color, this means that they are still healing. Not only will these types of stretch marks result in a compromised tattoo, but you may also affect your skin's healing process.

- You Plan on Changing Your Body

Gaining muscle or weight, losing weight, becoming pregnant, and any other change that results in the stretching of your skin can lead to new marks.

If you plan on any of these changes, it is wise to hold off on getting a tattoo – especially in an area that is more likely to develop stretch marks.

- Texture

Fresh stretch marks are typically raised, and even older marks with a raised or different texture can become an obstacle to even the most experienced tattoo artist.

If your stretch marks are new or still have prominent texture, be sure to thoroughly discuss this with your tattoo artist before moving further along the process.

Final Thoughts

The state of your skin plays a major role when getting a new tattoo. The unique factors of your stretch marks will have a strong influence on the end result.

Before getting a tattoo to cover your stretch marks, talk with your artists about your expectations and concerns to ensure an amazing piece!

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