When getting a tattoo, you expect the artist's work to be clear and bold. 

However, it can be difficult to keep tattoos in pristine condition, especially while they are in the healing stagesLuckily, though, tattoo technology has evolved over the last few years, and new and innovative tattoo aftercare products have been developed by tattoo artists.

This way your tattoos can stay protected and heal properly.

In the past, cling film was used to help clients’ tattoos heal. Now, a new form of tattoo bandage has arrived. Protective tattoo film is one of the best ways to cover and mend skin after a tattooing session.

tattoo protective film

In this post, we’ll be talking more about this product in detail. We’ll also discuss the pros and cons of protective tattoo film vs the traditional cling film. This way you can decide whether this is the right tattoo bandage for you.

What is a Protective Tattoo Film?

In short, protective tattoo film is thin, self-adhesive film used to protect fresh tattoos in the first days of healing. This film is used on newly tattooed skin and can help heal and protect the upper layers of the dermis.

After a tattoo is inked into the skin, it is susceptible to infection and even damage. As a tattoo aficionado, you want your skin to heal cleanly, this way your tattoo stays crisp and vibrant for many years. 

Protective tattoo films ensure this outcome and help the skin heal during this critical time.

These films are lightweight, breathable, waterproof, stretchable and offer the best possible skin protection for your tattoos.

How Does Protective Tattoo Film Work and How do You Use it?

Still, how exactly do protective tattoo films work, and how do you use them?


Protective tattoo film is a self-adhesive product. You simply place the film on your skin and it will stick without having to put any other products on.

Best on dry skin

Dry skin is ideal for the application of this film, and you won’t have to worry about the breathability of this product. Oxygen naturally enters the material of the film, and moisture leaves the film quickly which will prevent infection.

protective tattoo film

Sturdy protective layer

In short, the film creates a sturdy protective layer between the outside world and the tattoo. This antibacterial barrier keeps skin safe and the tattoo safe. In addition, the healing enzymes in the skin are locked into place for optimal tattoo outcomes.

It can cover large areas

Protective tattoo film can also be placed on any area of the body and will cover up large chunks of skin easily. This aftercare film should be changed regularly, as well. And, you can even put healing ointment underneath the film to speed up healing and make removal of the film easier.

Sorry Mom Tattoo Film

How Long Should You Leave the Tattoo Bandage On?

After a tattoo is first completed, the protective tattoo film can stay attached to the skin for up to 24 hours. After 24h, it is recommended to put on a new one, which can be used up to 3 to 5 days. 

The exact amount of time the film needs to stay on will depend, of course. But at the most instruct it is recommended to keep it on for 24 hours. Then we recommend to replace the film after the 24 hours are up.

While this is an effective and safe product to use, protective tattoo films should not be left on all the time.

protective tattoo film

However, if the film is getting soggy or filling with blood, though, it should be replaced every 8 hours. In some cases, someone might need to change the film, every 4 or 6 hours. In addition, change the film if it gets really dirty.

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Tattoo Bandage Pros and Cons: Comparing Protective Film vs Cling Film

In this final section, we’ll be comparing the pros and cons of protective tattoo film and cling film. Both products have their positives and negatives, but you’ll see that protective tattoo film has a way more benefits in comparison to cling film.


- Breathability and flexibility

One of the biggest pros of protective tattoo film is its breathability and flexibility. With protective film, tattoos can breathe more easily and will stay free from infection. This can really help speed along the recovery process.

- Perfect for an active lifestyle

In addition, protective tattoo film is also easy to apply and super flexible. You won’t feel uncomfortable wearing this type of tattoo protection. In fact, it is easy to move around with this tattoo film.

Protective tattoo film conforms to the body and doesn’t move around or shift a lot.

- Can be used in the shower

You can also shower with this film, as well. You don’t want to dose your film in water, but it can be easier to go in the shower with this particular protective film.

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It is hard to find cons when using protective film, though.

For instance, not all people can use this film. Some people could be allergic to the materials in the film -it is very rare though-. 

- Really, there are not too many downsides with this product.

Our advice is just to monitor your inked skin for it to heal fully. And then, you need to change the film when it leaks or gets full. This way your skin stays safe.


Cling film does not have the best reputation these days. However, it does have some positive points.

In fact, cling film is great if you want a super simple solution to keep bacteria out of a tattoo. It has to be changed regularly, though, but it can effectively act as a barrier against germs and other microbial organisms.

- Cheap

In addition, cling film is cheap and not difficult to apply.

Cling film can be a good alternative if you are on a budget, but for the money it costs to get protective tattoo film vs the benefits you get, we still think it's a better option.


- Not breathable

One thing to know about cling film is that it is not as breathable as protective tattoo films. If you change it regularly it won’t get infected. Still, your skin won’t get as much oxygen as it would with protective films.

- Uncomfortable

Another downside of cling film is its rigidness. It can be awkward and downright uncomfortable wearing cling film around your skin. This is unlike a protective film, which is easier and more convenient to wear on the skin.

Final Thoughts 

Overall, protective tattoo films are a great choice for tattoo artists, tattoo shop owners and tattoo enthusiasts.

This breathable and innovative technology can fundamentally change the healing process of tattoos. But of course, you want to consider both the pros and cons of this product.

If you ask us, there's no way around it: start using protective tattoo film, and you will see the difference.

We hope this post helped you to decide whether you want to stick to the old school cling film or try all the benefits of professional protective tattoo film!

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