tattoo aftercare guide first 2 days


Approximately 2-3 hours after your tattoo-session, you must remove the foil (unless your tattooist has recommended otherwise).

Wash the tattoo gently but thoroughly using Sorry Mom Foam Soap. This way you wash off surplus ink, fluid and blood. Dip your tattoo dry with a paper towel or a clean towel.

Clean tattoo with foam soap

Apply a thin layer of Sorry Mom Tattoo Balm on the tattooed area. It is extremely important not to use too much balm, as the tattoo must be able to breathe. You have applied just enough, if you are unable to see the balm after it has been applied.

Sorry Mom Tattoo Balm

When you are going to bed, you can apply a new coat of foil to your tattoo. This is particularly recommended if you sleep in white linen. Just remember to lubricate your tattoo before. Wash, dry and lubricate with each foil change.

tattoo aftercare long term


Your tattoo should be kept moist, so that there is no ulceration. If you get a wound, there is a risk that the color will fall off with the wound. Therefore, it is important, that your tattoo is kept moist all the time.

In some cases, a crust is formed which during the treatment period falls off. This is a natural process.

During this period, the wash-dry-apply is called for about 3-5 times a day.

Your tattoo still needs to be washed gently but thoroughly, with Sorry Mom Foam Soap – and it should still be dipped dry with a kitchen towel or a clean towel.

Then apply a thin coat of Sorry Mom Tattoo Balm on the tattooed area.

It is normal to experience itching during this period, but be aware that you do not itch or peel in the tattoo as this may damage the colors.

It is extremely important that your tattoo is not exposed to sun / solar, chlorine and saltwater until your tattoo is healed and preferably longer.
Sorry Mom tattoo sunscreen


Just as you look after your body and your skin, you also need to take good care of your tattoo. Among other things, it also involves the use of sunscreen. The rays of the sun are harmful to the skin – and they make the colors of your tattoo fade if you don’t use sunscreen.

We highly recommend Sorry Moms Sunscreen SPF 30. It protects your tattoo (and the rest of the body) from the sun, is water resistant and rich in beta-carotene and vitamin E.

Lubricate your tattoo regularly with lotion. If you have very dry skin, your tattoo will look less sharp and “whitish”. We recommend using Sorry Mom Tattoo Lotion when you need it. The lotion is rich in vitamin E and keeps colors and lines sharper for longer.

Sorry Mom Tattoo lotion

Should you experience extreme redness, itching and pimples in the tattooed area, stop using the cream and contact your tattoo artist.

You are also welcome to contact us, if you have any questions. We are happy to help on mail and Facebook.

Good luck with your new tattoo!

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